Dr. Renner


Your Visiting Veterinarian was born out of my own experience with vet trips for my cat (named Squish). The car ride, the noises and smells of the clinic, and seeing other dogs and cats caused her so much fear, anxiety, and stress that even with anti-anxiety medication on board, she had to be completely sedated to get a vaccination. When I started taking her vaccines home from the clinic to administer them myself within the comfort of her home, it was an eye-opening experience. No stress or sedation for her and low stress for me. I knew many other pets could benefit from at-home vet visits.

Why We're Different

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Kind and gentle handling
  • Thorough and compassionate
  • Convenient and low-stress

Mobile veterinary care in north Columbus, Ohio that is fun with experienced and compassionate care.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Lauren Renner – DVM/Owner

Dr. Renner with her rescued yellow lab mix named Vinny.

My passion for animals and veterinary medicine started as a young child. My mom tells me that at the age of three I wanted to be a doctor for animals and I never changed my mind. When I was in the seventh grade, I shadowed a veterinarian for the first time.

That initial shadowing experience led to thousands of hours of experience learning about companion and exotic animal medicine over the next several years. As an undergraduate student, I worked at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in an oncology research laboratory. After a couple of years there assisting in research projects, I was given my own research project studying tumor suppressor gene expression in canine osteosarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. I presented this research at two forums, receiving first place at one of them. The study was published in the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation

I was accepted into The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2016. Before starting Your Visiting Veterinarian, I worked at a private practice seeing countless species of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, ferrets, mice, gerbils, and many birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Fun Fact about Dr. Renner

Some of my most memorable experiences were performing a tooth grind on a pufferfish, spaying a chameleon in follicular stasis, spaying a pet skunk, and performing foreign body surgeries on a bearded dragon and a turtle.

Accomplishments & Accolades

The Ohio State University, Animal Science | Honors with Research Distinction
The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine | Bayer Excellence in Communication Award
USDA APHIS Category II Accredited Veterinarian
Published in Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation - Immunohistochemical detection of p53, PTEN, Rb, and p16 in canine osteosarcoma using tissue microarray - 2018

Dr. Caroline Jetté – DVM

Dr. Caroline Jetté Mobile Vet

Dr. Jetté with Fanny, her rescued border collie mix.

I have always loved animals and have known from a very young age I wanted to spend my life helping them. This passion never really left me. Growing up, my dearest confidant, Maya, was a gentle French Spaniel. Maya lived to be 16 years old and taught me the true meaning of having a 4-legged companion. Not just a friend, but a forever bond. I love animals, seeking their presence and enjoying their powerful effect.

After 5 years of hard work at the Montréal Veterinary Medicine University (Canada), my dream of practicing came true. Throughout my studies, I pursued international internships and practiced with domestic animals, exotic birds, and marine mammals. All of which were unique and wonderful experiences. Today, I practice with small animals (cats and dogs) and have developed a special interest in integrative medicine.

I completed a course in acupuncture at the Chi University of Florida last year. Since then, I offer acupuncture treatments to furry companions with the intention to accelerate healing, calm painful conditions, address chronic issues, and create soothing effects. Acupuncture is a wonderful tool in my toolkit, as it enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, from musculoskeletal issues to chronic allergies or seizures and anxiety, to name a few conditions it can do wonders for.

Practicing at-home care for pets is a beautiful privilege and I love this new turn in my career. Veterinary medicine keeps me learning every day to best serve my patients. I also love sharing and communicating with clients, while building trusting and lasting relationships.

Fun Fact about Dr. Jetté

When I am not helping patients, I am normally outdoors with my partner, Alex, my Border Collie, Fanny, and my Labradoodle, Agnes. Outdoors is where my spirit likes to be, whether it is here or traveling, training for a triathlon, or simply hiking, enjoying water sports, or gardening.

Accomplishments & Accolades

College Jean-de-Brédeuf | Health Sciences International Bachelor
Université de Montréal | Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
Chi University | Veterinary Acupuncturist

How Mobile Vet Care Works


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Fill Out New Client and Patient Forms

To help us prepare for your visit, fill out and submit the new client form and new patient form (one for each pet). These forms are our Contact Us page.

At-Home Vet Visit Day

Your pet's veterinarian and technician will arrive at your home, take a detailed history, and spend time loving on your pet to get to know them and make them feel that a friend has come to visit.


Your pet's veterinarian will complete a thorough physical examination, explain any findings, and advise on your pet's needs. We always give an estimate of the cost so that there are no surprises. With your approval, your pet will receive any needed vaccinations, testing, or treatment.


In order to provide the best veterinary care for your pet and others in the north Columbus area, we request all services be paid in full at the time of our at-home vet visit. We accept all major credit cards, check, cash, and many contactless payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Receive Digital Documents

At the end of your pet's at-home vet visit, your pet's veterinarian will email you a detailed summary of your pet's visit, including the physical examination findings, recommendations, and vaccinations.

A Little Note About Treats

We love to give treats! If your pet has special dietary restrictions, please have your treats available for us to give. This will help your pet stay relaxed and enjoy any uncomfortable parts of the visit – like vaccines and blood draws.  Please also let us know if there are any treats, such as peanut butter, that we should not bring into your home. If anyone in your home has a peanut allergy, we will be a peanut-butter-free vet clinic that day.