Dug Unleashed: Dug’s Favorite Halloween Costumes For Cats

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read Dug Unleashed.  You know the saying, Dogs are a man’s best friend and our mascot, Dug, loves to share fun pet tips with our readers!  The links shared are affiliate links, and as an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you, and we have to convince Dug that this is to cover his expensive food and the toys he tries to buy when researching for these articles (yes, we caught you, Dug!). 

As you know, all of us here at Your Visiting Veterinarian are eagerly awaiting Halloween and trick or treating! In my last post, I shared my favorite dog Halloween costumes of the year. I didn’t want to leave my feline friends hanging, so I’ve compiled the best looks for my 9-lived friends below! Enjoy these costume ideas that I thought were too cute not to share.

1.Bat Cat

Nothing says Halloween like a scary bat!!!

2. Pirate

Shiver me timbers, give me all your booty! Ahoy, Matie! This costume is perfect to get friends together and go on a treasure hunt! Put on your sea legs and pull up the anchor, we are heading out on an adventure!

3. Lion

Did you hear that? It sounds like the King of the Jungle!! Oh wait, close call, it was just an adorable kitten in a lion costume. HAHA!!! What a purrfect costume to bring out that inner giant cat!!

4. Sharks 

This shark’s best move is the doggy paddle! Our personal favorite- How funny and cute!

I’m excited to see all my feline friends in awesome costumes this year! Reminder to everyone to read reviews and labels on all costumes for best practices to keep all of your furry friends safe. Also remember to check the weather! If it is going to be super-hot, you definitely don’t want to wear a costume that is too heavy and will make you overheat! And if it is cold, dress warmly! We all want to have a fun and safe Halloween, so make sure you do your research and pick the best costume for your night of fun! Be sure to send us pictures and tell us how you spent your Halloween this year!!! Happy Halloween from all of us at Your Visiting Veterinarian!!!

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