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Hi friends! My name is Dug and my friends and I work for a wonderful mobile veterinary team called Your Visiting Veterinarian. We are a mobile vet team that provides at-home veterinary services. We take the stress and anxiety away from pets and their owners by bringing the vet clinic to you! No more struggling to get loaded in the car, no more scary car rides and no more going into a noisy place with tons of smells and sounds!! You get to stay in the comfort of your own home and can even lay in your own bed for your appointment.


Today my friends and I would like to introduce ourselves. I will start with me. I am Dug the Dog and I love my job! My favorite part is going in and playing with toys and getting lots of treats from the very start. I get so excited to meet new friends and can’t wait to see them again. I really like traveling and seeing all the beautiful sights. My favorite toy is a ball, I can run and play for hours. My favorite snack is blueberries and peanut butter!


Hi everyone! I am Kit the Cat. I like to take naps in the sun and play chase with my friends. My favorite thing to do is look out my window and see what is going on outside. I love that my job has the best window seats and so many things to look at when we are heading out to see our clients.


Hello friends, my name is Coco the Cockatoo and I joined the YVV family because I love the time we get to spend with our new friends. I like to help make everyone laugh and do funny dances. I like all kinds of music and have some pretty awesome dance moves. In my time off I like to read and play in the shower!


My name is Bonnie the Bunny and I am very excited to meet you! Can you guess what my favorite food is? If you said a carrot you’re right! I love carrots and my favorite is carrot cake! Yummy! I am new to the YVV crew, but so far I absolutely love my job! I have so much fun meeting new friends and getting to play with them. I like to watch the doctor do exams because one day I want to be a veterinarian and help pets stay healthy.

We are so excited to meet everyone and can’t wait for you to start following our blogs. We have some new and exciting information to share and have a ton of cool, fun and educational topics we are going to be talking about. We even did a fun Halloween blog where we covered Dug’s favorite Halloween costumes for dogs and cats! This is going to be a new adventure for us and we can’t wait for you to join us! So welcome to the YVV family! We hope you are just as excited as we all are! We look forward to writing and researching the best topics that you can have fun reading!

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